Walk and Talk cards


Walk and talk cards 

verso de la carte WALK and TALK

  • 5 cards in format PDF to print

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These cards are created  to facilitate a meeting or training while walking. The cards explain different times of the animation.

The cards are illustrated to help you better understand the flow of the animation.

A popular method to learn how to think without digital tools 

Walking alone or with others facilitates thinking and discussion. This method can be used in a training.

Walking can stimulate curiosity, improve one’s state of mind and spark new ideas. Its rhythm is conducive to oral repetition, for example when preparing or learning a speech, which can help memorization and build confidence. When walking with another person or in a group, there are opportunities for side-by-side conversations that may differ from when people are looking face-to-face. When we walk, it can encourage some people to speak more openly or be willing to speak more than they would sitting in a training room. The combination of walking and talking is a powerful tool for reflection and consolidation, for changing mindsets and for encouraging new ideas.

Walk-and-talk has been used in several contexts in education:
• to support psychologically and physically well-being
• to test another teaching method
• in informal learning


L’agence Grain’s made facilitation tools. These tools have the mission to make productive and creative work sessions inside and outside. Intended for animation, these cards will help you get your attendees moving.

Séverine CHARLON, owner of the agency and facilitator collaborated with designers team.

How to use these cards?

The cards are to be printed and cut out. Depending on the use, you can print them in postcard format or in pairs. The cards can be used by the facilitators or passed on to the participants to properly master the different stages of the walk.

  • Training
  • Outside, in a meeting
  • in hybrid mode.

All materials are ready to print.

Targeted professional skills

Concentration and critical thinking.

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